Anti-Aging Detox (Garden or Seaview Cottage)




The word Kayakalp means body transformation—on a mental, physical, and emotional level. The point of this traditional protocol is not just health and longevity, but a heightened state of self-awareness from which we can change mental, emotional, and physical patterns related to impaired health.

This program is a 5-day cleanse while you choose rest over activity, silence over stress, and less food over more. It is best for people who have experience with fasting or experienced cleansers.

Kayakalp is based on calorie restriction but without starvation. And we need rest—deep rest we never permit ourselves to experience.

This cleanse is backed by longevity research of USC’s Valter Longo, Ph.D., who discovered the precise formula of calorie restriction to optimally boost stem cells (cellular rejuvenation) and autophagy (cellular cleansing and repair). Surprisingly, his research mirrors rejuvenation benefits predicted thousands of years ago from Kayakalp by Ayurveda.

This Kayakalp cleanse combines the ancient wisdom of Kayakalp (or body, mind, and spirit transformation) with Dr. Longo’s longevity and stem cell research.
There are two Kayakalp cleanse options: Every day and Retreat.


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