Emotional Calibration & Self Love Program (Holina Seaview Suites)




We are meant to learn and grow from our emotions instead of hiding and suppressing them. During your time with us here at Holina we will share with you skills that broaden your capacity to balance, harmonize and transform the ways in which you relate to yourself and others.

We do this by looking at the cause of whichever emotional responses you are experiencing, unravelling them then viewing them from freshly empowered perspectives to create felt states of equilibrium.

When we learn to manage our emotions in true, honest and responsible ways where we can fully meet ourselves with emotional maturity and self-love. Finding value in the events of our lives that have occurred can reveal great treasure and inspiration.

We explore this from all angles by using techniques such as Somatic Transformation guidance, Yin yoga, Qigong, Mindfulness coaching, water therapy and breath work.

Let us help you to step into new ways of relating that bring new life to your relationships with yourself and others.


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